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What is the personality of an Aries?

Aries do things their own way. They are unafraid of conflict, highly competitive, and honest. They throw themselves at the world eagerly and without fear. They are driven by a desire to prove themselves and their strength. They have high energy, and are competitive and ambitious. They naturally take charge because they are good at initiating new projects. They can be impatient, but are naturally active and don’t like to waste time. While they like competition, they don’t like to play games. They are highly self-aware, have strong opinions and are always ready to defend them.


What are an Aries' weaknesses?

All Aries want to feel things intensely. This is one of their most commendable qualities, but also what causes them a great deal of pain and grief. They tend to be impulsive, impatient, and hotheaded. They are often reacting out of emotion rather than from a place of calm clear-headedness. They do not apologize for their anger and they don’t always have the best self-control.

The best stones for an Aries are...

  • Agate - abundance, wealth, luck

  • Ametrine - strength, stress relief, creativity

  • Australian Jade - prosperity, luck, abundance

  • Aventurine - positivity, success, prosperity

  • Black Onyx - strength, stamina, self-control

  • Black Tourmaline - grounding, strength, protection

  • Bloodstone - abundance, alignment, organization

  • Blue Apatite - intelligence, focus, stimulation

  • Blue Howlite - soothing, communication, self-control

  • Brecciated Jasper - grounding, organization, creativity

  • Cat's Eye - self-control, intelligence, willpower

  • Cherry Quartz - balance, confidence, strength

  • Citrine - happiness, protection, success

  • Clear Quartz - clarity, cleansing, letting go

  • Coral Quartz - harmony, energy, healing

  • Dalmatian Jasper - grounding, clarity, humor

  • Dendritic Jasper - healing, confidence, strength

  • Dragonblood - protection, confidence, focus

  • Fuchsite - self-worth, resilience, abundance

  • Garnet - passion, sexuality, romance

  • Glass - balance, grounding, cleansing

  • Goldstone - vitality, drive, ambition

  • Hematite - focus, optimism, protection

  • Iolite - power, inner strength, leadership

  • Jadeite - prosperity, luck, abundance

  • Lava Stone - communication, creativity, cleansing

  • Mahogany Obsidian - strength, manifestation, grounding

  • Moldavite - abundance, grounding, telepathy

  • Pyrope - confidence, endurance, love

  • Rainbow Hematite - grounding, boundaries, protection

  • Red Jasper - protection, grounding, calming

  • Red Tiger Eye - motivation, sex-drive, courage

  • Rutilated Quartz - protection, determination, self-control

  • Zebra Marble - determination, motivation, courage

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