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What is the personality of a Cancer?

Cancers are homebodies. They are drawn to stability, routine, and the comfort of the familiar, they don't like change. They like to know what is expected. They tend to be less experimental than others. Traditions and the past captivate their imaginations. They love art that reminds them of a different time, old stories and art forms. Predictable environments make them feel comfortable. They like to feel that they’re part of a bigger plan. And they don’t like surprises.

What are a Cancer's weaknesses?

Cancers have many moods, some of which are contradictory. They are extremely empathetic and weighed down by their own sorrows and the sorrows of those around them. They are frequently haunted by grief. It’s hard for them to share their pain with others, and they are often afraid to be vulnerable because they carry a fear that people will use their weaknesses against them. They have learned to hide their pain to avoid burdening anyone else. They tend to carry deep grudges because they can’t forget the emotional sting of betrayal.

The best stones for a Cancer are...

  • Abalone Shell - peace, compassion, love

  • Aquamarine - calming, meditation, serenity

  • Azurite - true love, psychic skills, compassion

  • Bloodstone - abundance, alignment, organization

  • Brecciated Jasper - grounding, organization, creativity

  • Bronzite - politeness, protection, choices

  • Calcite - memory, wisdom, spirituality

  • Carnelian - creativity, happiness, self-esteem

  • Charoite - grounding, self-worth, love

  • Chrysocolla - intimacy, love, honesty

  • Citrine - happiness, protection, success

  • Clear Quartz - clarity, cleansing, letting go

  • Crazy Lace Agate - happiness, soothing, protection

  • Dumortierite - support, tranquility, harmony

  • Fuchsite - self-worth, resilience, abundance

  • Garnet - passion, sexuality, romance

  • Howlite - inspiration, creativity, patience

  • Ivory Jade - intuition, wisdom, tranquility

  • Kamababa Jasper - peace, self-worth, courage

  • Kiwi Jasper - tranquility, support, elevation

  • Lapis Lazuli - love, intuition, manifestation

  • Lemon Jade - wisdom, rebirth, happiness

  • Llanite - compassion, peace, harmony

  • Marble Jasper - relaxation, compassion, nurturing

  • Mookaite - nurturing, grounding, protection

  • Moonstone - love, hope, fortune

  • Morganite - peace, calm, balance

  • Nephrite Jade - rebirth, serenity, wisdom

  • Opalite - psychic skills, spirituality, transition

  • Peace Jade - peace, harmony, tranquility

  • Phosphosiderite - love, calming, soothing

  • Picasso Jasper - relationships, celebration, joy

  • Pink Opal - love, kindness, relationships

  • Pink Tourmaline - happiness, compassion, serenity

  • Pyrope - confidence, endurance, love

  • Rainbow Moonstone - rebirth, nurturing, love

  • Red Leopard Jasper - healing, Shamanism, nurturing

  • Rhodochrosite - healing, friendship, kindness

  • Rhodonite - confidence, elegance, refinement

  • Rose Quartz - true love, kindness, romance

  • Selenite - serenity, peace, clarity

  • Serpentine - akashic records, kundalini, meditation

  • Turquoise - serenity, wisdom, protection

  • White Topaz - communication, love, fortune

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