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Just imagine - if fortune cookie fortunes were actually true….😲

For only $15, you get a cute lil glass jar filled with fun, motivational, encouraging, and…blunt messages from the universe. 


!!Each jar is individually channeled so no two jars are the same!!

Cannot guarantee the shape, size or design of the jars as they are thrifted.

Each jar will have approximately 60 individual messages, intended to be pulled once per day.



You can choose from our already channeled jars that are ready immediately, or we can channel messages specifically for you and only you! Just select "Personalized" as your preference!


P.S. I personally pulled the channeled message about meeting someone in 41 days, and I literally met the love of my life on the 41st day after pulling this message. THESE ARE WILDLY ACCURATE. 


Each item sold by Intuitive Healing is handmade by Kacie-Lynn, Spiritual Counselor and meditated with for maximum healing potential.

Messages from the Universe Jar

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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