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In Feng Shui, Marble stone is often associated with the Earth element and is believed to promote stability, grounding, and protection. Marble has long been a symbol of luxury, strength, and beauty – it’s luminous sheen and intricate patterns made it an ideal ornamental rock for many centuries. Marble stones have multiple metaphysical benefits too. They are believed to help bring clarity during times of transition, purify your thoughts, and open up channels for communication with higher realms. These colored stones are thought to stimulate creativity, allowing you to explore new ideas without fear or judgment. Not only that but grain stone that comes from marble stones makes them excellent tools for grounding yourself when feeling overwhelmed or scattered. A lot of people believe that multi-color veins aid in stimulating different chakras within the body which leads to a calming effect on our energy field.


Chakras: Root

Zodiac: Virgo

Angel Number: 333

Rolled Edge Marble Coasters (Set of 4)

Excluding Sales Tax
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