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oh man, where to begin?! Kacie has brought so much closure to my life with the recent passing of my grandmother. she was able to send me messages from my grandma that I could hear her saying in person. she was also able to provide closure for my husband from when his father passed away several years ago. Kacie is so in tune with the information she provides and interprets things very clear and well. I will always look to Kacie for healing and wellness!

Kacie’s Reading was very accurate for me, but it took me some time to realize what it meant. At first I took it for face value. I related what she wrote to my “surface” life. In essence what was going on directly in my life at the time. I came to realize my Reading was much deeper than that. As the days passed I sorted through various thoughts in my mind. Some would come with a memory. Others were triggered by a word or description I read in a book. Still others thoughts would form from watching a scene on tv. Eventually, it dawned on me what had come through for Kacie and the puzzle pieces locked together. It was an eye-opening moment. One that threw me out of bed at midnight and excitedly writing it down to share with Kacie the next morning! What a game changer that was for me. I saved her Reading, and my thoughts, so I could re-read it and remind myself what this awakening means to me.

I had a reading yesterday of past, present and future. I had goosebumps reading every word. it resonated deeply in my mind and soul. I loved the way in which she wrote. the entire reading and what I took away from it was perfection! I will definitely be back for another reading when I feel as though I no longer have anything in my cup to pour from or when faced with a decision. It was a truly lovely experience and it throughly helped me to see exactly what I need to change. do yourselves a favor and get a reading from this beautiful soul!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a skeptic, so I went into this with doubts. I'd been wanting to get a reading done for awhile just for the experience, so my husband got me one for Christmas last year. Well, I finally set it up with Kacie the other day, received my reading, and I am BEYOND impressed. Kacie nailed it! I'm not going to go into details, because well, it's personal, but Kacie has NEVER met me nor do we share friends, and she knew things about me that she couldn't have known.My reading was just amazing, and I would recommend Kacie to anyone.


Kacie has an extraordinary gift. She is very insightful and has the ability to explain in a way that is easily relatable and understandable. Everything she said resonated deeply, things I wasn't able to be honest about with myself but knew to be true. The information she provides is invaluable and absolutely worth the investment! I am very grateful

Kacie is absolutely amazing! Her readings are extremely accurate. Do not ask questions you are not prepared to hear the answer to. On the other hand if you’re looking to heal and further your spiritual journey THIS IS YOUR GIRL!


Kacie has truly amazed me with her ability to heal through mind, body, and spirit. She has a straightforward yet loving way of guiding you through her readings. Every reading she has done for me has been completely accurate and helped me through situations I was struggling with. I tend to over-think and since working with Kacie I have been able to find a better balance between thinking with logic, emotion, and intuition. I also struggle with anxiety and she has helped me start a daily meditation which has been amazing and brought calmness and positivity into my life. Overall, since working with Kacie, I have felt more at peace, positive, balanced, and intuitive. I am truly on a new path and excited to see what the universe has in store for me!

Kacie is such a genuine loving enlightened being, she’s so straightforward with her readings and tells you exactly what you need to hear. I definitely recommend her to everyone.

I cannot speak higher of Kacie, or the information and guidance I have found through her. It took me a few goes to find a true psychic, and I’m so thankful for her. She has a true gift. Her pricing is beyond reasonable. Take the leap of faith. Especially in a time of doubt, she will guide you. Her healings are profound and extremely accurate, and the readings will speak the hard truths you don’t always want to hear. She’ll help you through that too 💕

I was recommended to Kacie through a client of mine. My first reading I chose to do through video. I am completely blown away by just how detailed and spot on Kacie was in those 15 minutes. I HIGHLY recommend a reading with her. My next is already booked.


Amazing first time reading that helped me learn about myself and encouraged me to to keep on learning! So down to earth like your listening to your best friend!

Kacie-Lynn has a significant gift and gave me feedback that validated several things I've been considering and feeling promptings to do for myself. It was a safe environment and I felt very comfortable immediately with her and what she shared with me. It was spot on. Thank you!


Kacie is one of the best Intuitive healers I’ve been to. Not only is her energy uplifting but also she’s very good at explaining things and teaching as she does readings. I’ve learned and grown so much in just a few readings. I highly recommend!

Extremely professional and accurate. Have gone to Kacie a few times for various services she offers and every time I have a sense of serenity with her and feel very refreshed. I’ve been extremely stressed recently, went in for a healing today and left smiling and feeling so much lighter for the first time in weeks. Other family members have gone to her and we all have been very happy.

Kacie-Lynn's heart is pure and spirit is full of light. Her spiritual readings surpass all readers I have been to. Thank you so much for your insight and interpretations given by my spiritual guides. You are awesome. I recommend seeing her if you are seeking true guidance.

The reading Kacie gave me was absolutely amazing! Everything resonated so strongly and has been everything I’ve been dealing with. She gave amazing guidance and was so spot on!!! I’m completely blown away that the energy transmission was so powerful even without being in her presence.

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